The Town of Cushing, Maine

Cushing Rescue Squad

Welcome to the Cushing Rescue Squad Home Page.


Cushing Rescue Squad, a Department of the Town of Cushing, is made up of a group of approximately 15 volunteer men & women, from all walks of life, who share a common goal: to help our neighbors. We are highly trained professionals, certified in CPR & Defibrillation. Most of our members are certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and have invested well over 120 hours of classroom instruction as well as having served a hospital rotation as part of our training. We participate in a highly structured program of continuing education to maintain our skills and knowledge, and are required to be re-certified every three years.


When the need arises, Cushing Rescue Squad members respond to provide emergency medical care for the residents of Cushing, 24/7/365. When 911 is called in Cushing for an emergency, our squad is alerted by radio and arrives within minutes at the scene to provide basic emergency care and transport to either Penbay Medical Center or, under reasonable circumstances, Miles Memorial Emergency Rooms. In cases of life threatening emergencies, we have Paramedic members and Advanced Life Support can be asked to respond from surrounding communities through mutual aid agreements with our neighboring services.

We average about 100 calls annually, providing care for those involved in medical emergencies, fires, motor vehicle accidents, environmental exposure and many other emergencies. Additionally, our members respond to provide “Standby” emergency coverage at various events.

Squad Officers and Contacts

Austin Donaghy EMT-B, Director, 354 8133

Helen Darmara EMT-I, Assistant Director, 354 7130

Sandra Blanchard, Secretary EMT-B (Ret.), 354 2122

Laurie Haynes EMT-B, Training Officer, 354 2208

Andrew Blanchard EMT-B, Maintenance Officer, 354 0679

Joe Carr EMT-B (Ret.), Member-at-Large, 354 0022

Robert Worthing, Select Board Liaison, 354 8949


Volunteer, Please!!

Meet new people - Learn new skills! - Enrich your life - Help your neighbors - Learn CPR

Earn your Driver or E.M.T. Designation

Cushing Rescue Squad is always looking for individuals that are interested in assisting their community. Cushing Rescue Squad can help anyone interested in becoming certified by finding a class that fits into their schedule and even offering financial assistance to interested permanent area residents.

Cushing Rescue Squad currently holds its monthly meeting and training on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. If you are interested in finding out more about Cushing Rescue Squad, or how your skills can help Cushing Rescue Squad, please contact any squad member.